Steel Processing Any Material

We have acquired the most advanced machinery to process all products of structural steel to service all of your needs. We can process all your steel products – universal beams and columns, welded beams, channels, angles, flat bar, pipe, RHS or SHS – and we can accurately cut to your specifications. Advanced machinery ensures tight tolerances on all processed material – even for beams up to 20 metres in length.

Plasma cutting

Our coping line has a plasma torch head which provides high quality cuts. It is capable of cutting notches and slots, or any shape you require, such as square holes or large rectangular or circular cut outs.

The plasma torch head cuts on a multi-axis robotic arm to cope out all the notches or slots. It can also stitch cut to make “T” shaped beams or haunches.

Beamline and saw cut processing

Our beamlines are capable of cutting and drilling all sizes of materials. The beamline machines can square or mitre cut up to 60 degrees, and can drill up to 40mm diameter holes in materials of varying thicknesses.

Our saws are also capable of pack cutting for large repetitive orders, and can also cut circular pipe.

Angleline processing

A new machine to our ranks is the angle cutting machine. Its capabilities include cropping (square cut only) and drilling of holes from 10mm to 36mm in diameter. This machine enables us to process many angles quickly and accurately.


Surdex Steel is the steel cambering expert. Our hydraulic press pushes camber into the universal beams or columns to achieve the required amount of camber needed.

Surdex operators are specialists in the controlled bending of steel members to counteract the natural deflection that occurs under their weight. Engineers use pre-cambering for deflection caused by dead loads, live loads or construction tolerances.

Machine capabilities

Welded Beams

700WB115 to 1200WB455

Welded Columns

350WC197 to 500WC440

Universal Beams

100UB6.7 to 610UB125

Universal Columns

100UC14.8 to 310UC158


50PFC to 380PFC


Up to 400mm


Up to 508mm diameter


50x5 EA to 200x26 EA

Merchant Bar

All sizes

Mitre Cutting

Up to 60°

Drilled Hole Sizes

Up to 40mm diameter

Plasma Cutting

Notches, Slots, Larger Holes or Other Shape Cutouts, Stitch Cutting, and more. 

Surdex is the specialist in steel supply and projects

Combining industry specialists with the very best technology ensures your project is in the best hands.  Our advanced processing machines and experienced operators ensure your project is accurate and delivered on time.

Surdex Steel is committed to steel processing for small, medium and large projects. As a local business, we know local conditions. We have two main processing centres in Victoria, supported by backup facilities in all our 10 branches across the state.

When you have a short lead time and need the confidence of fixed pricing, we aim to reduce time and costs. Surdex Steel’s processing division has you covered so when you need professional advice and outstanding results, contact our team today!

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