Supporting All Industries Big and Small

Our steel expertise supports industries big and small with superior quality steel, exceptional processing capability and outstanding service and pricing.


Commercial, residential and rural construction businesses are long-standing customers of Surdex Steel. We work closely on every project to understand the exact steel needs and deliver steel products that exceed expectations.

Construction materials – including structural steel, steel mesh, purlins, fencing and roofing – are all within easy reach due to our consistent and reliable supply chain from Australia’s most respected mills.

Our in-house processing and expert project management are invaluable to our customers. We offer a large stockholding with nesting and programming capabilities in-house.

Whatever your construction steel needs, we have the products, processing and capabilities to deliver on time and on budget.


  • Steel beams
  • Structural steel
  • Steel reinforcing
  • Rebar steel
  • Flange beams and channels
  • Universal beams and columns


Surdex Steel has long been at the forefront of Victoria’s infrastructure projects. From delivering ready-to-assemble formed steel for bridges, buildings and stadiums to new commercial dwellings and public amenities, we are the most trusted name in steel products for large scope infrastructure projects.

Sourcing the best steel from Australian mills and with superior processing capability, Surdex delivers uncompromising quality and steel integrity. Our experience, machinery and technology ensure we process every piece to specification without fault.

We ensure the grading and material quality are fit for purpose, and we work in close collaboration with project managers, engineers and fabricators to ensure we always meet deadlines and budgets.

It is our experience working on large infrastructure projects that makes the difference.


  • Bridges and bridge components
  • Overhead passes
  • Railways
  • Foundations
  • Safety barriers
  • Staircases


We’ve been servicing the heavy transport industry for over 70 years. Our knowledge and experience in steel and steel processing ensure the components we manufacture are of the highest quality and fit for Australian conditions.

Our capabilities include the manufacture of components for semi-trailers, cattle trailers, low loaders, side tippers, heavy haulage trailers, dump trucks and tilt trailers.

We cut and form non-standard and oversized components and press extra-long lengths of steel materials free from joins and welds.



  • Semi-trailer and trailer production
  • Tipper bodies
  • Chassis rails
  • Truck sides and floor pressings
  • Headboards and tailgates
  • Coamings and mudguard rails
  • Aluminium rock sheets
  • Ring feeders
  • Water carts


The beating heart of Victoria, the agricultural sector, runs in our blood. For decades, Surdex Steel has been the steel manufacturer, processor and distributor of choice for Victorian farmers.

For rural products, including sprayers, spreaders and chain rakers, Surdex has led the way in innovation and quality.

All our steel products for agricultural and rural customers meet the highest industry standards and our attention to detail, old-fashioned service and superior pricing enable us to build long-term relationships that last generations.



  • Farm equipment components
  • Conveyors
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Feeder troughs
  • Silo construction components
  • Tank components
  • Harvesting equipment parts
  • Chaser bin components

Quarries & Mining

We supply quarries and mining sites with a range of steel products used throughout the entire quarry and mining operation: screens, conveyors, hoppers and chutes; and structural components: support beams, columns, platforms and walkways. We supply plate steel and steel pipes of varying grades.

Each element requires varying steel materials, long products, galvanised, aluminium, plate and sheet and coil. Surdex Steel stocks and processes all steel types and can cut and form to any specification.


  • Vehicle and machine assets
  • Truck bodies, liners and wear parts in Q&T
  • Excavator or shovel buckets
  • Stacker/reclaimer components
  • Drag line buckets
  • Dozer blades and body components
  • Drill rigs (surface and underground pressed sections)
  • Underground mine equipment
    • LHD buckets
    • Grader blades
    • Longwall and tyre handler components
    • Chutes
    • Feed sumps/feed bins
    • Pulley shells, idlers and conveyor components
    • Vibrating screen and hydrocyclone body components


Surdex Steel supplies the defence sector with specialised steel components for armoured personnel carriers, amphibious military vehicles, combat support vehicles and tanks that meet the steel guarantees of IDO9001.

The defence sector relies on our expertise, reliability, in-house processing capability and fast turnaround times to maintain a stable and predictable supply chain.

The defence sector requires steel materials that are processed to the highest integrity and are robust, durable and sustainable for hostile and complex land and sea environments. Specialist engineering and expert knowledge are critical elements to delivering the highest quality products to specification.


  • Tipper bodies
  • Headboards and tailgates
  • Water carts
  • Skins
  • Trays
  • Truck sides and floor pressings

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