Steel Fencing – Secure, low-maintenance and long-lasting metal fencing


Resilient, Stylish Steel Fencing.

Surdex Steel offers a wide selection of Steel Fencing products, from COLORBOND® Neetascreen® options to steel post and rail systems clad with metal cladding.

You may be fencing a rural property, a commercial property or your home. We offer it all, whether you’re after something simple and modern or a highly sophisticated design with decorative features.

You can source your posts, rails, screens, infill panels and capping from us in a vast variety of colours to suit your project. We also stock Downee fittings for rural and industrial applications.


Why Steel Fencing?

Steel is an ideal and highly popular material for fencing because it is:

  • Termite and pest resistant
    There’s no need to worry about termites, pests and other animals damaging the structural integrity of your fence, as steel is impervious to insects and doesn’t rot.
  • Non combustible and fire resistant
    If you’re in a high risk area for fire, it’s worth considering the fact that steel fencing provide much greater resistance to fire in comparison to alternative materials.
  • Safe and secure
    Smooth steel fencing panels provide no footholds for children to climb up, and the same goes for would-be intruders to your property on the other side of the fence.
  • Private
    Steel fencing offers a clean and modern aesthetic without the gaps of a timber alternative, so you can relax knowing you have privacy in your yard or property.
  • Low maintenance
    Perhaps the most popular benefit of steel fencing is that you will never have to paint or varnish it. Install a quality steel fence once, and enjoy decades of performance.


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