Greater space and wind load resistance with Eltrak


Eltrak Sliding Door Systems & Components

Few other systems offer such accessibility as Eltrak Sliding Door systems, and they offer the only carriage in the world to beat wind load. This system is cost effective and incredibly easy to maintain, and as such is ideal for showrooms, garages, farm workshops, warehouses, machinery sheds, transport hangars and more. Surdex Steel stocks Eltrak systems and door products in a variety of sizes and styles for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Choose from standard, multi-track, bi-fold and round corner systems to suit your needs.

Why Eltrak Sliding Door Framing Systems?

Surdex Steel stocks the renowned Eltrak sliding door systems because they offer:

  • No loss of headroom
    The sliding doors allow you to make the most of every bit of space, enjoy full headroom and save on building costs without the need to add expensive extra operating height.
  • Fast and flexible installation options
    Eltrak allows for a variety of size, style and colour options, plus a choice of fixed bolt-on or weld-on support. Your door system can be assembled using Tek screws, with no cutting or welding required.
  • Unlimited opening width
    This system allows for full door width of any size, with no centre mullions to get in the way. Even with multiple stacking doors on multiple tracks, you can move trucks and large machinery in and out with ease.
  • Superior resistance to wind loading
    Eltrak offers the innovative ‘Trackmaster’ side thrust carriage, which incorporates a side thrust bearing, horizontally mounted fifth wheel. This maintains a central carriage position in the track at all times, balancing out any wind loading.
  • Low maintenance
    Eltrak’s galvanised tracks and frames plus low friction nylon guide systems ensure low operating costs and easy onsite repairs if they’re required. You can also choose from needle or ball bearing systems to suit your needs.


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