Steel Plate Processing

We offer a broad range of steel plate processing services, whether it’s Carbon Steel Grade 250 or Grade 350 Plate, Coil or Laser Plate, Boiler Plate, Quench and Tempered Plate and you need it Oxy, Plasma or Laser Profile Cut, Bevelled, Bent, Drilled, Tapped or Wash Ground we can do it all.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff are more than willing to support you in project managing every aspect of steel supply. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, creative solutions, quality workmanship and delivery on time, we’re a partner you can rely on

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Plate Processing

Profiling -Plasma or Oxy All Plate Products including Mild Steel, Quench and Tempered 3200 W x 12000 L
  • Cut up to 250mm thick
  • Hold tolerances of =/- 1mm or tighter.
Bevelling All Plate Products including Mild Steel, Quench and Tempered
  • 8 – 32mm thick
  • A single plasma torch is controlled via servo motors in three axes: tilt, rotation and vertical height.
  • Can combine both bevel and straight cuts
  • Bevels -45 to +45 degrees
  • Interpolates bevel angles changes
  • Angle setting accuracy +/- 1 degree
  • Multi-pass bevelling
  • Maximum vertical cutting thickness = 38mm
  • Torch height control accuracy +/- 0.30mm
Surface Grinding and Washing All Plate Products including Mild Steel, Quench & Tempered  2500mm max diameter

Plasma bevel cutting

Surdex Plate Processing uses the Expert Motion Plasma Variable Bevel Angle system to accurately bevel plate. Programmable to produce parts that have both bevel and straight cuts...

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Precisely what we offer

Surdex Plate Processing expertise and equipment allows unequalled control of bevel cutting with parameters such as speed, kerf and tilt angle all automatically adjusted for various bevel angles and material thickness.

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